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Returning to Your Center

4 Aug

Here is a picture to get you thinking today:  What places or images help you to reset or to center yourself once again on your dream journey? Comment below!

Behold the Possibilities

26 May

This picture reminds me of the heartland. Few things make my soul come alive like the lush fields of Illinois. Gazing across the horizon, it’s as if the possibilities are as limitless as the eye can see.  There’s nothing standing in the way, just wide open spaces to dream, explore and create. Look at all […]

Dreams: How Far Can You Go?

18 Sep

Dreams: This is a picture looking skyward at redwoods in California at the Muir Woods National Monument. Surrounded by trees that stretched toward heaven that day, I couldn’t help but look up. Did these marvels ever end? If they did cease their ascent, I couldn’t tell. That’s the way our dreams and goals should be. […]

“What’s Your Dream” Look Like?

13 Dec

Sam’s Dream Blog is trying out a variety of posts to see what inspires you and what gets you thinking and talking about your dreams! Of course, one of my favorite things is to ask and answer “What’s your dream?”  These pictures stir up dreams for me.  I’ve read that a big key to dreams […]