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Dreams: What Gifts Await You?

22 Dec


  Editor’s Note: This was originally posted last year, but it rings just as true a year later. Wow, have we reached that point already? It’s Dec. 22, and you know what that means. Three sleeps till Christmas. All the excitement about this most festive time of year caused me to think about when I […]

Thankfulness: The Game-Changer

24 Nov

Some might think it’s easy to be thankful this time of year. There is delicious food, magical sights, holiday parties, days off work. The list goes on. But maybe you don’t have any of that to enjoy. Choose to be thankful anyway. No matter what is going wrong, my guess is you have something or […]

Questions are the Keys

21 Jul


“He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers.” – Cameroon Proverb That’s how Awaken the Giant Within author Tony Robbins opens his chapter entitled “Questions are the Answer,” and that’s a big reason why I started Sam’s Dream Blog. You and I might share the same longing to maximize potential.  Similarly, you too might be […]

Book Review: “Silver to Gold”

9 Jun

Silver to Gold

You know it is summer when people start talking about summer reads. Whether you need an excuse to stay inside or you need something to take to the beach, here is a book sure to encourage you on your dreaming journey! “Silver to Gold” by Jennifer A. Miskov is written in a style akin to […]

Dreams: The Importance of Your Core Team

12 May


This past Saturday, I celebrated my birthday on the heels of graduation earlier in the week.  It was a blessing to be surrounded by some of my closest friends.  Of course it gave way to a time of reflection, and that is what I want to share with you in your pursuit of hopes and […]

Miller’s Musings: Pay Attention to Your Season

28 Apr

Recently I have heard several leaders talk about the importance of recognizing your season.  For instance, it would be unusual for a farmer to take his family on vacation at planting or harvest time.  Speaking of another type of season, there are some dreams easier to realize when you are single before you have a […]

Miller’s Musings: Making Time to Dream

31 Mar


What inspires you?  What are your hopes and dreams?  Recently I had the privilege of traveling with a team to another country.  Again and again, while meeting businesspeople there, we felt compelled to ask those questions.  Furthermore, what is the effect of dreaming vs. not dreaming?  The people with whom we interacted were without question […]

Dreams: What “Shoes” Do You Need to Buy?

3 Feb


OK, Sam’s Dream Blog readers, I have a confession to make.  Normally I don’t care too much about fashion.  Don’t mistake me – I like to look nice, and I think looking good is important –  It’s just at this point in my life, being on the cutting edge of fashion or wearing certain brands […]

Dreams: Where to Start in 2015

6 Jan


It’s the first full week of the New Year.  If you are like I am, that realization can be overwhelming.  You have a blank canvas. You want to make every stroke count.  Above all, you yearn to churn out a masterpiece with your dreams. But how?  Where do you start? Not long ago, one of […]

Dreams: What Gifts Await You?

23 Dec

Wow, have we reached that point already? It’s Dec. 23, and you know what that means. Two sleeps till Christmas. All the excitement about this most festive time of year caused me to think about when I was younger. For weeks, there would be a pile of presents in front of our family Christmas tree. […]