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Thankfulness: The Game-Changer

25 Nov


Typically, at Thanksgiving time, I post a reflection called ?Thankfulness: The Game-Changer.? As I reflected on a potential post, I wondered, ?What has changed this year? Why has thankfulness been a game-changer in my life this year?? If there’s one truth that sticks out above the surface of life’s daily current, one thing that leads […]

Miller’s Musings: Decisions, Decisions

30 Sep


As it says on the Sam’s Dream Blog Web site, ?From the personal realm to the professional arena, no dream is too small or insignificant. On the other hand, no dream is too big or unreachable. You just have to start somewhere.?  OK, that’s established, but let’s say you have already started.  Let’s say you […]

Dreams: Freedom to Dream

8 Jul


Dreams: In the days surrounding Independence Day, I found myself asking, ?What does it mean to be free to dream?? Does freedom to dream mean having no time constraints or financial pressures? To be to free dream, must you be able to call all your own shots, controlling when and how you are going to […]

Dreams: ?That’s done. Now what??

13 May


In a previous edition of Miller’s Musings, I asked this question:  What do you do if you’re stuck in the midst of pursuing your dreams? Similarly, how do you get fresh vision after you have finished a significant phase of your life and are transitioning to an uncertain future?  For example, you might be a […]

Dreams: ?I’m stuck. Now what??

18 Feb

What do you do if you love to dream, and you’ve got your dreams list, but nothing seems to be happening with those dreams? ?Will anything ever happen with my dreams?? you wonder. I’ve actually been asking myself some of those questions recently. Yes, even the most optimistic of dreamers are allowed to do that? […]

Dreams: Where to Start in the New Year

7 Jan

Dreams - Finding Your Element

It’s the first full week of a new year, and inevitably you have already read plenty of hope-filled promises for 2014. You may well be brimming with dreams and passion for a fresh start. On the other hand, what if you’re stuck because you are afraid to hope or you’re overwhelmed? If you feel like […]

Miller’s Musings: Thanksgiving Week Edition

26 Nov

With Thanksgiving in mind, the idea of counting my blessings is a bit more tangible for me this year.  Thank you for supporting Sam’s Dream Blog!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Last Monday morning, I awoke feeling guilty. Not overwhelming so, but maybe worse, persistently so. You see, I am from near the area that […]

Risk and Dreams Go Hand in Hand

1 Jan

Risk. What comes to mind when you see that word? Does the idea of risk fill you with fear? Perhaps you associate risk with the board game of the same name. As I think about 2013 and what I hope to accomplish, I think back to the premise of Sam’s Dream Blog. ?No dream is […]

Thankfulness: The Game-Changer

20 Nov

You might think it’s easy to be thankful this time of year. There is delicious food, magical sights, holiday parties, days off work? The list goes on. But maybe you don’t have any of that to enjoy. My home away from home, New Jersey, was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. My Grandma just died. Some of […]

What Grandma Taught Me about Dreams

30 Oct

Bittersweet. My heart is heavy right now. My Grandma, forever one of the great loves of my life, died last Wednesday. She was 92. I was able to enjoy Grandma for many years. Of course there is never enough time. I’m sad, but I know Grandma would say, ?Enough of that. Time to be positive.? […]