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Patricia Kelly Offers Riders Reins to Their Dreams

14 Apr

Patricia Kelly

Patricia Kelly is founder/president/CEO/ head riding instructor of Ebony Horsewomen, Inc., located in Hartford, Conn. Ebony Horsewomen is an organization “to empower youth toward successful lives through the use of equine-assisted-growth learning.”   The CEO of the organization for the past 30 years, Mrs. Kelly is also a former United States Marine. This week on […]

Givology CEO Joyce Meng’s Global Dream

22 Jul


Givology, under the leadership of  Co-Founders Joyce Meng and Jennifer Chen, is connecting volunteers and donors to people and projects around the world. Together, through crowdsourcing, they are attempting to make quality education available to all children, and thereby transform communities one student at a time. This week on Sam’s Dream Blog, Joyce shares about […]

Trevor Kaufman on the Boulevard to Hollywood

24 Dec

Trevor Kaufman

Trevor Kaufman is a manager/producer. He manages feature/TV writers and produces material. This week on Sam’s Dream Blog, Trevor tells about his work in Hollywood. He shares about the importance of being patient and having a support system in the midst of a dream pursuit. Sam’s Dream Blog: Is there a typical day for you? […]

John Arrow, Mutual Mobile CEO, on First Steps Toward your Dream

2 Apr

John Arrow

John Arrow is the CEO of Mutual Mobile. Based in Austin, Texas, Mutual Mobile creates mobile solutions for brands, including Audi, Google, Xerox and Citi, among other clients. This week on Sam’s Dream Blog, Arrow shares about getting started, turning your first profit and focusing on the present. Sam’s Dream Blog: You wrote an e-book […]

Detroit Tigers Legend Ty Cobb Alive and Well Thanks to Norm Coleman

16 Oct

Detroit Tigers Norm Coleman

Norm Coleman embarked on a new dream journey at age 70. With no prior acting experience, the self-described ?ham? developed a one-man show portraying Detroit Tigers legend Ty Cobb. He has since traveled around the country and reconnected with rival ?Babe Ruth.? Now remind me, why are you waiting to pursue your dream? Sam’s Dream […]

Director of Photography Eric Wycoff Talks Movies and Sports

10 Jul

Director of Photography Eric Wycoff

Director of Photography                 Sometimes our dreams play out like we planned. More often than not, we instead arrive at times of self-reflection and adjustment. Eric Wycoff played football for the University of Illinois in the mid-80s. Football didn’t quite work out as planned, so he initiated a […]

Beauty Tips and Secrets: Perfect Beauty’s Daisy Jing

3 Jul

Beauty Tips and Secrets

Beauty Tips and Secrets: Daisy Jing is the founder of Perfect Beauty, a site that encourages women to feel good about themselves and to cheer one another on. Daisy won the “Most Disruptive Product” award at the world’s largest women’s technology conference, Women 2.0, and caught the attention of Forbes. Daisy’s business advice goes beyond beauty, […]

Carol Roth, New York Times Best-Seller and Biz Guru

17 Apr

Carol Roth

Carol Roth: Carol Roth is a business strategist, former investment banker and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation. Hundreds of organizations have employed Carol’s business expertise. Listen as Carol shares with Sam’s Dream Blog about gaining credibility and about what kind of business is right for you. Check out Carol Roth’s Web site […]

LPGA Futures Player Seul-Ki Park

20 Mar

LPGA Futures Golfer Seul-Ki Park

LPGA: Four years ago, LPGA Futures Tour golfer Seul-Ki Park concluded her Illini career with the third-lowest career average in program history. Has it really been that long, Park wonders. Nowadays, instead of a team pushing her, it’s just Seul-Ki, her instructor and her trainer. She’s seen peers give up at this point and decide […]

The Dinner Party with Zokos’ Brad Baer

13 Mar

The Dinner Party: Brad Baer is the co-founder and chief product manager of Baer is a designer and an architect with degrees from Yale University and Iowa State University. Zokos gets its name from the txokos in the Basque region of Spain. These gastronomical societies have existed for hundreds of years and basically involve […]