They Said It: Quotes for Your Dream Journey

1 Sep

Dream quotes

What do you do when you need a spark or fresh perspective on your dream journey? One of the best tools I have found are quotes from people who have had similar questions. Eventually they found their way by staying the course, and you can too! “It may be that those who do most, dream […]

Kenji Claudio: The Creative Journey

18 Aug

Kenji Claudio

Kenji Claudio is managing partner/director, executive producer at BYOB Bring Your Own Board Orange County TV series. This week on Sam’s Dream Blog, Kenji shares about following childhood passions, making your own opportunities and finding your team. Sam’s Dream Blog: What’s your professional dream? How did your dream originate? How has it evolved? Kenji Claudio: […]

Returning to Your Center

4 Aug

Here is a picture to get you thinking today:  What places or images help you to reset or to center yourself once again on your dream journey? Comment below!

Questions are the Keys

21 Jul


“He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers.” – Cameroon Proverb That’s how Awaken the Giant Within author Tony Robbins opens his chapter entitled “Questions are the Answer,” and that’s a big reason why I started Sam’s Dream Blog. You and I might share the same longing to maximize potential.  Similarly, you too might be […]

D’Wayne Edwards Educates Emerging Designers

7 Jul

D’Wayne Edwards is the founder of PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy.  “PENSOLE’s ‘learn by doing’ curriculum teaches students the entire footwear design process.” This week on Sam’s Dream Blog, Edwards, one of the youngest design directors in Nike’s history and a man whose designs have sold more than $1 billion worldwide, shares about planting seeds, dreaming […]

Dick Traum Inspires to Find a Way

23 Jun

Dr. Dick Traum is the president and founder of Achilles International. Achilles International is a non-profit organization with members in 65 locations nationally and internationally. The “main objective is to bring hope, inspiration and the joys of achievement to people with disabilities.” Dick is an above-the-knee amputee with a successful computer applications company. Dick became […]

Book Review: “Silver to Gold”

9 Jun

Silver to Gold

You know it is summer when people start talking about summer reads. Whether you need an excuse to stay inside or you need something to take to the beach, here is a book sure to encourage you on your dreaming journey! “Silver to Gold” by Jennifer A. Miskov is written in a style akin to […]

Behold the Possibilities

26 May

This picture reminds me of the heartland. Few things make my soul come alive like the lush fields of Illinois. Gazing across the horizon, it’s as if the possibilities are as limitless as the eye can see.  There’s nothing standing in the way, just wide open spaces to dream, explore and create. Look at all […]

Dreams: The Importance of Your Core Team

12 May


This past Saturday, I celebrated my birthday on the heels of graduation earlier in the week.  It was a blessing to be surrounded by some of my closest friends.  Of course it gave way to a time of reflection, and that is what I want to share with you in your pursuit of hopes and […]

Miller’s Musings: Pay Attention to Your Season

28 Apr

Recently I have heard several leaders talk about the importance of recognizing your season.  For instance, it would be unusual for a farmer to take his family on vacation at planting or harvest time.  Speaking of another type of season, there are some dreams easier to realize when you are single before you have a […]